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Navid Mihandoust

Independent Filmmaker


I am currently in Evin Prison in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The government that rules over my country has sentenced me to 3-years of prison with unjust charges stem from a documentary I crafted in 2009, centred around Masih Alinejad's (an Iranian journalist and women's rights activist) professional life – a documentary that was never released. I made the film, Café, without obtaining permission from the authorities of the Islamic Republic, because I believe that cinema and art have their own world, a world beyond the temporary permits of the leaders. The story of Cafe is similar to what happened to me during the years that I was free on bail. I made this film without any funds or grants from any organization only with the dream of portraying the injustices that happen in my country.



A paroxysmal dream emerges from the depths of Kieslowski's filmography and awakens the doomed Iranian director Sohrab who, banned from making films, spends his days in a neighborhood cafe. However, the request of a young woman to present her performance in the store will mean new troubles, both for his already troubled marriage and for his strained relations with the authorities who are pressuring him to give "juicy" information if he wants to ease his fall.

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Contact us

This is Neda Mihandoust, the sister of the director of this movie. Since Navid is currently in prison in Iran and does not have access to his email, you can have my contact information. 

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